Warehouse upgrades 2021

It’s been a busy year in our warehouse in terms of upgrades…

In recent years there has been a shift towards more automation/integration within the warehousing industry. To ensure we are offering the best service to our customers, we have made some investments this year:
• Upgraded WIFI for enhanced RF picking.
• Installed new Access Point devices throughout to ensure no WIFI blind spots.
• Installed an additional internet line as a fall over to promote business continuity.
• More low energy lighting was installed.

Our priority is to ensure our customers’ goods are shipping out correctly, and on time. We pride ourselves in excelling these areas, especially as in the last 12 months we have shipped out over 3 million units. Our inventory and pick accuracy is 99.98% and we have seen a 22% increase in efficiency driven by our process improvement plan.
We plan to further enhance our warehousing facility in 2021, and continue to provide our new and future customers with excellent warehousing services. Afterall – we are an extension of their business.

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