What is Specialist Distribution?

Specialist transport is a somewhat difficult topic to explain quickly, especially when a potential customer has only ever worked with a general haulage company previously.

This stems from the skill sets of the team at Paul Ponsonby being broad based, the challenges encountered on a job can be almost anything!

We regularly have to move items across a roof in the city, stair climb pieces heavier than an old school mini down stairs no wider than the unit and build internal platforms to lift units into hard to reach areas of a building. The list of ways we solve an issue for a customer is almost endless.

There is no point calling us up to quote on moving 50 thousand packets of crisps next Wednesday, however when it comes to moving a Jet Engine fan assembly out of a building, custom making a wooden crate on site ensuring nothing can damage the piece in transit, before locating the fan ready to display at the customers premises, you know exactly who to come to.

When you don’t know how it can be done, we will provide you with a solution.

Paul Ponsonby Limited – Your partners in success.

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