Specialist transportation + Contract warehousing and fulfilment

If you were to analyse the DNA of our company, it would be best summed up by the following: Friendly, Helpful, Hard-working, Professional, Honest, and totally committed to Customer Service.

These tenets underpin our entire operation and have provided the building blocks of which we have grown the company. As the integrity of the operation is vital to maintaining the above, we feel we have a created an ethos by which the company stands.

Once on-board, customers tend to stay with us for extended periods of time. We build strong and enduring relationships, and these have stood us in good stead throughout the years. We never take the short-term view in any business decision.

This approach, more than anything else, has resulted in the success we have enjoyed in the last 20+ years. Having a compact management team helps reinforce these beliefs and maintains the strong platform on which we have grown.


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Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022

We are delighted to share that Paul Ponsonby Limited have been involved in the Commonwealth Games 2022 from the initial planning stage right through to delivery and set up as we have provided all the transport and warehousing for security scanners throughout the games estate.


Introducing our new team member Trevor

Today is “Tongue Out Tuesday” and we would like to introduce to you the new member of team Ponsonby….. Our Trevor. Trevor is a 4-year-old chihuahua who has started his apprenticeship with us recently however from what we have seen so far Trev doesn’t do much work, especially not in the mornings until he has had his belly rubbed multiple times.

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