Introducing our new team member Trevor

Today is “Tongue Out Tuesday” and we would like to introduce to you the new member of team Ponsonby….. Our Trevor.

Trevor is a 4-year-old chihuahua who has started his apprenticeship with us recently however from what we have seen so far Trev doesn’t do much work, especially not in the mornings until he has had his belly rubbed multiple times.

Once awake, his concentration isn’t much better, and his daily tasks are very minimal as he would much rather chase his squeaky ball until it drives everyone crazy. He has a mind of his own and will only do what Trevor wants to do….HR will be monitoring him with a close eye, but he really doesn’t like upsetting anyone and if he thinks he has he will use his best gymnastics skills to roll onto his back, legs in the air, wagging his tail and looking at you with his puppy eyes to say sorry.

His tea round needs improvement as it consists of him working his way around the room to charm anyone who has his treat biscuits “biccy’s” as he loves these, they are his absolute favourite, and he will continue to tap you with his paw and won’t stop until you acknowledge him.

Trevor loves the heat and prefers to be warm and snuggly, he even sleeps with an electric blanket in the winter…. however, the recent heatwave proved too much for him as he needed the air conditioning to keep cool… and to stay awake!

And lastly, he may have the smallest frame, but he has the biggest personality, he’s a soft as a teddy bear, scared of his own shadow, however if you put him in front of a big dog he turns into Rocky!

Now the question we are all asking is… will Trev pass his probation period?

Watch this space……

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Our Trevor

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